Our bucket list of places we want to see, things we want to do and experiences we want to have in this life is an ever evolving piece. We have however been very lucky to tick off a lot, like Scuba diving in the Philippines, Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, celebrating New Years in New York, Bungy jumping the worlds highest in South Africa and going on Safari in Tanzania, etc!

So here are the next 20 things we can dream up, and work on fulfilling…

#1 Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
#2 Learn how to surf in Bali – DONE THIS!
#3 Trek through the Amazon Rain forest and cruise the river
#4 Go Heli-Skiing in Alaska
#5 Experience the Northern lights
#6 Iguaza Falls
#7 Take a trip to Lost City of the Incas – Macchu Picchu
#8 Fish in the Fjords of Norway
#9 Explore the Myanmar
#10 Photograph Antelope Canyon & The Wave Arizona
#11 Ride a Camel through Egypt
#12 Visit the Taj Mahal
#11 Take the Trans-Siberian Express Line
#12 Walk the Great Wall of China
#13 Visit Japan during Cherry Blossom season
#14 Sail the Galapagos Islands
#15 Keep company with Orangutans in Borneo
#16 See the famous volcano disaster in Pompeii
#17 Drink tea in Darjeeling
#18 Trade at a market in Morocco
#19 Camp out in Antarctica
#20 Dive with Great White Sharks in Cape Town

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