My most favourite things to do in the world, doesn’t require any doing at all! It’s the fine art of observing and being present amongst wild animals.

I find in these moments that I am completely consumed in a beautiful peace that comes when I shut everything else out and focus on what’s before me. A living creature with a completely primal way of life, not one wrapped up in emails, to do lists and deadlines is a spectacle that can’t be described in any amount of words. I strongly urge you to experience this for yourself one day.

In these, my favourite moments I’ve born witness to a Matriarch elephant herding her young across my path in a watchful and unobstructed way, smiled through a set of cheetah cubs playing on top of their mum and sat quietly while a Lioness used our vehicle as a hiding spot to stalk zebra. I’ve also been charged by a feisty Bull Elephant – and boy that got my blood pumping!

In this day and age where we live lives of must do, must have and right now it’s a challenge to stop and sit and observe but when the subject matter is so enthralling it’s actually the easiest thing to not do.