On our last trip to London my brother and his girlfriend took Jem and I to THE BEST winebar I’ve ever been in. Yes, big call, but I stand by it – I even ended up coated in some weird mucky substance but really that just added to the attraction. I’m very partial to a casual, dimly lit scene, where your options are limited not for laziness but just because they’re only offering up good options, for these reasons Gordon’s has stolen my bar heart.

Gordon’s Wine Bar is the oldest bar in town and in a town that’s filled with quaint and quirky this is a standout. It’s a wine bar that only sells wine and honest food, along with a selection of cheeses, all of which you drink and eat sitting on a mish mash of chairs, at a candlelight table, crammed into a cellar space not big enough for the 35 people it’s consumed.

Be warned though, in an unusual London way – service ceases at 22:00 and having arrived at two minutes too we fell short of ordering food but overcame this problem by collecting a couple of Bratwursts from the collection of food vendors just outside and happily settled in with a couple of beautiful bottles of Spanish red to share, well at least till the lights came up at 23:00 and we were sent into the night in search of another cool bar.