20131020-114730.jpg 20131020-114648.jpg Paradise is so much more than palm trees, white sand beaches and sipping cocktails while the sun sets – it’s a feeling. Paradise comes in so many shapes and forms and is different for everyone. What ties everyone’s version of paradise together is goodness. GOOD views, air, food, weather, activities – good everything, the feeling of good. No matter what your idea of paradise, if you’re surrounded by goodness – you’re there. We recently had the good fortune to return to the majestic Port Douglas in our homeland’s Far North Queensland (when we first met we explored it for a few days and so it holds a special kind of magic for us) and under the guise of heading up for a wedding, we took a few extra days to really get back into it and find enjoy more of what makes Port Douglas really tick. This time, thanks to our friends at QT Hotels we stayed in the QT Resort in Port Douglas, an open plan boutique hotel that caters for well, anyone. The tropical layout and surroundings, in-lobby waterfall, koi pond and the rustic nautical themed decorations throughout the QT – that GOOD feeling is instantly induced from the minute you arrive. 20131020-115936.jpg 20131020-120028.jpg With year round temperatures rarely requiring a jumper, the bulk of the resort surrounds the pool – which complete with waterfall, swim up bar, day bed islands (pictured above), spa and even a bridge – means you’re always in the presence of the water. As we found out very few of Port Douglas’ hotels/resorts are located on the beach itself (potentially because of crocodiles) and so QT’s efforts to bring paradise into the resort doesn’t go unappreciated. 20131020-112954.jpg If it’s possible for a place to feel both fast and slow paced at the same time QT Port Douglas is it. The main buildings are all open, airy and fresh – the reception lead seamlessly into the games/relaxation area and onto the bar (which, truth be told might just have the music up a little too loud most of the time.A little change in pace from the pop/house that stream from it’s speakers into the bar, pool and restaurant is sorely needed – but it’s not make or break) and then out onto a sunny grassy sitting area and finally onto the pool with a wooden walkway connecting them all to the restaurant aptly titled Bazaar. Often the word resort isn’t associated with good food, QT Port Douglas however takes that thought and absolutely dispels it. Katinka in the past couple of years has gone on a buffet tasting tour, where there is a buffet on offer you’ll find her and she rated the experience at QT in her top 5 of all time! The team of chefs prepare a range and assortment of meals that will have even the most fussiest of eater heading back for seconds, each and every meal. The time and dedication that the staff put into is definitely conveyed in the superb quality and flavour of each meal. 20131020-113024.jpg 20131020-122559.jpg   20131021-221815.jpg     20131020-115025.jpg As a part of the anything goes – we’re all just here to have fun in the sun vibe of the resort, the staff are dressed somewhat fancifully in printed skirts and shorts, colourful shirts and flat-caps for the porters. Smiles abound and it seems no request is too small (or big) to be accommodated with a staff member bouncing into action at your request. The rooms are comfortable, well laid out and self-contained – all with air-cons which is a must in Tropical North Queensland’s heat and humidity. The bed was huge, pillow-topped and topped with heaps of pillows and so GOOD. The resort is situated about 10 mins drive from Port Douglas’ Main St, marina, shops, pubs and eateries – or a wonderful little 20 min bicycle ride using one of QT’s easy riders – supplied to guests free of charge – and getting around Port Douglas on two wheels is highly recommended. Four mile beach is a popular destination for bikes as well, with enough hard sand by the water to make riding a breeze. In the breeze. 20131020-112924.jpg 20131021-205141.jpg 20131020-113511.jpg

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