So something a little different today, I thought I’d give a little insight into what goes on behind the front page of our instagram account at We Are Handsome & Made with Summer.

For every perfect shot of paradise we post there are usually a myriad of failed, blurry or just plain bad shots as well.  Both Tinks and I have been practising photography since we were very young, and despite training and taking thousand of photos a trip, we still come up short sometimes.

The image above, one of our most popular (for obvious reasons) was shot on our first Maldives trip in 2014. It was no accident. In fact, the shot was planned out for a day or two beforehand. We lugged the pair of pineapples around for about 3 days trying to find the perfect location, light and setup – unsuccessfully.

Finally, in between shots  on a tiny uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean, we hopped out of the boat, tossed in the pines and gave it a good crack. Mainly we focussed on the pineapples not floating away and getting the background right, but watching for rogue waves, stingrays and reef sharks were, let’s say, also priorities.

We’ve included a few of the original outtakes here to prove we’re only human, and not great photographers every single time. Go figure.