Packing for a trip can be a daunting task. I’ve done it hundreds of times before but I still find the process a bit daunting, somuch so that I tend to use the opportunity to cull my wardrobe. No joke, I pull everything out of my cupboards and start sorting through it – creating a cull pile bigger than the pile I’ve collected to take with me to wear! That said, when I do finally get out of edit mode I find I come away with essentially the same items to pack for any summer trip. And so here are the rules I end up abiding by when packing my bag:

Less is more

Always keep this golden rule in mind. It’s absolutely inevitable that you’ll end up wearing the same items over and over again so make sure you take only the clothes you’ll feel comfortable in and know you’ll actually wear. If there is any doubt over an item – leave it behind!

Pack for the activities you’ll do!

If you plan to spend most of your time on the beach then focus on your swimwear and work your other clothes around them. I’m the worst person to ask the exact number of swimsuits to take as I’ve been known to pack 10 for a weekend away! In my defence I will use my one piece suits as tops though. As a guide for a week’s holiday take four or five, making this a mix of one pieces and two pieces. A trick I use is to pack suits that can be split and worn as a new combo.

A sarong or a cover-up is a your best friend on a beach trip’s as it can be worn on the beach, as a skirt, as a dress or even as a wrap in the evening. Find one that co-ordinates with your swimwear, (a neutral or block colour is often the easiest) however a print can be a lovely addition to your wardrobe, if like me you live in black, blue, grey, white and all these colours in stripes.

Pack a shirt per day but make it a mix of short sleeves for the day time, a couple of evening appropriate versions and at least one long sleeve cotton button up. If you’re sightseeing, mix your selection of shirts up with denim shorts and a pair of linen shorts or relaxed pants. For cultural sights make pack your longer sleeve shirt, cover-up or shawl to cover your shoulders or legs.

Thongs (or flip flops) and Espadrilles are the perfect summer companion and work for the beach and for sightseeing. I’m loving the entire range of Soludos, they are super comfy, lightweight and come in a huge range of fun colours and patterns. If you are headed to a city or a more of a luxury resort be sure to pack a pair of smart sandals for the evening.

Accessories are an easy addition that make any outfit pop, I always pack a broad rimmed hat, a statement necklace or a bracelet but remember to ensure you only take non-valuable items though. When it comes to a beach bag – I like to use a canvas tote in a vibrant print. The canvas dries quickly and the print is easily identifiable. I’m coveting this tote at the moment!

Pack smart.

Aim to take items that work with everything else. The easiest way is to lay out all your items and then create the outfits with them. If you can’t make two outfits from each item, re-think that peice.

Final edit

Even though I’ve abided by the above as a rule I always complete a last sweeping edit when the outfits are laid out. I then assess the entire collection and remove any superfluous items that have made it in. I also allow myself one addition of an item that didn’t make sense or well I just want it 🙂

Pack list:

  • 4-5 swimsuits
  • 1-2 cover up’s
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • A shirt per day
  • Relaxed fit pants
  • Light cardigan/jacket/jumper/shawl
  • 2 dresses or a skirt for the evening
  • A pair of thongs/flip flops
  • Espadrilles
  • Sandals
  • Underwear – a pair a day
  • Accessories – a beach hat, a couple of pieces of jewellery, beach bag

Happy travels!