Open our bathroom cabinet and you’ll very quickly see we’re a Le Tan Fam. I’ve been obsessed with the coconut lotion line for years now and I’ve generally ordered a box containing each size of the coconut lotion there is at the start of each summer. The only wish I have for this range is for a no touch spray version (mental note: write to the product team to hear if this is in their product development thinking).

Before the trip to Asia in July I went to stock up on Le Tan and came across the Neutrogena wet skin line and I got EXCITED. Yes it’s not got the much sought after coconut fragrance BUT the pro’s of this format are exciting: I can just spray it on and not fuss with rubbing it in (it does instruct to do so on the can but I’m not one for taking instructions from inanimate objects) and the best part is I don’t even need to bother drying off before reapplying. Hello easy healthy holiday skin.

It did the job perfectly, and I was really impressed until on day 3 of a 3.5 week trip it ran out of juice. Mmmm. As great as the product is I just can’t warrant the cost and space requirement to make ensure the easy healthy holiday skin going, so it’s back to Le Tan for us.

That said, I could absolutely see this working really well for parents who need to top up wiggly kids this summer though!