On our last day in Paris (July 2012), we trekked out from the city to Montmarte. Up high to the north of the city sits a series of hills, filled with the people, shops and life that Paris is so famous for.

At the very top the hill – the highest point in Paris, lies one of the city of love’s most treasured buildings – and that’s saying something!

Sacré-Cœur, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, is spectacular, as most of Europe’s Basilica’s are, and of course has a rich history, magnificent priceless art, statues and religious significance etc etc – this IS Europe, remember!

For me though, the beauty of the hill was the outlook and how the locals and tourists alike came up the hill to appreciate Paris in all it’s spread out, ancient glory. Lovers sit on the hill whilst magicians, hawkers, performers, pickpockets and all manner of Parisian walks of life sell their wares and themselves, much to the delight (and frustration) of their targets.

The view is unforgettable, and even with the absence of the Eiffel Tower, Paris never seems more peaceful.

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