Today we’re introducing a very talented friend of ours – Ashleigh Mannix. The video below will serve as a great introduction to her. We had the opportunity late last year to spend the day with Ash at home and record ‘His Harmonica’ live with Ash on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Ash isn’t a cookie cutter artist, not fussed with fads rather taken with being grounded and down to earth.
A singer songwriter with a soulful stirring voice that will reach in and grab your attention and have you craving more and all backed up with lyrics that belie her years. Her stories of life, love and loss are artfully woven together, and often have you thinking through your own.

We’ve been friends with Ash for the better part of 10 years, and seen her grow and change through styles, genre changes and a myriad of tours across the country – both solo and with a band. What I really appreciate is her dedication to her art. She’s persevered and sang her way through countless pubs, festivals and RSL clubs all throughout Australia, Japan and the USA and all working towards this latest EP.

Once you’ve started humming, it’s very hard to stop humming to the soulful sounds of her songs, and quite lucky for us she’s just released a new EP titled From the mountains.

‘From The Mountains’ shows her growth and sheer talent in an 8 track album which is sure to delight and serve as a fantastic introduction to her music. You can listen below – we recommend starting with track 4 “Black Hole” – and also on iTunes.

Ashleigh is currently touring Australia, just check here for dates near you.

Ash also documents her inspiration and travels on her blog Patchwork Shenanigans.