For about a couple of months a year or two ago I was obsessed with the idea of owning a pig.
Jem and I even had a name picked out, Prosciutto to our Dog Bear he would be! The idea lost all appeal when Jem asked me if I could ever cook a pork roast with Prosciutto happily snuffling around our kitchen…that’s when I quick smart changed the campaign to securing a girl dog for our Bear dog.

Needless to say I love pigs, but swimming pigs?! When I found out there are such things out there I practically fell off my chair! The idea of swimming with them in a crystal clear water is so overwhelmingly fun I can’t sit still, and can’t stop giggling at the return of this subjects Google Image Search!

So how does a drift of pigs come to be on an island? Well, the story goes that many years ago, a local put his pigs on this island found at Exuma Cay in the Caribbean, and over the years local yachts and sailboat cruisers brought their scraps and leftovers to the beach so the pigs could feed.

Nowadays, as soon as they hear the dull vibration of an engine approaching the island, they raise up from their naps mozy out of the scrub and down the beach and swim out to the boat to try to get a nibble. Occasionally they do try to hop up into your boat. HA!

Most people can get very close to the beach in their dingy and stay in the boat, but some venture out directly to greet the swimming pigs on the beach.

It’s important to note that they still fairly wild and may bite…but really when I think about it, I’d take a nip for a crystal sea pig dip!



swimming pig


Images of swimming pigs, courtesy of the great internet!