Through our travels I’ve come across a number of cool pools. Sometimes for the temperature but mostly for all that the pool has to offer. I’ve just come home from a debaucherous almost week in Singapore with my youngest of the older sisters and my liver is still swimming in a pool of Gin, while I, mentally am still swimming in the Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool. That pool is decadent and cool.

As far as pools go it’s definitely coming a close second to the Pongwe beach hotel pool I spent two days in while on honeymoon in Zanzibar.

I consider my pool snobbery to be right up there and have thus listed the requirements of a superior pool.

#1. Temperature: It’s obviously got to adjust with the temperature of the day. How you may ask? Well finished with the correct surface for the climate this occurs naturally! From my extensive research I’ve determined it should be tiled or Pebbled in the tropics, painted in the Southern Hemisphere and concrete in the Northern.

#2. Colour: It needs to be crystal clear and not overly blue, this is closely related to the finish of the pool. I think personally prefer the look of concrete but I do concede to the climate needing to dictate this.

#3. Pool accoutrements: there absolutely needs to be loungers in the very close vicinity of the pool. Even though I may spend my time entirely in the water – I must have the option of lazing on a lounger – how else am I to survey my kingdom for the day?

#4. Splashers: There should be none of this tomfoolery splashing – I don’t like my book getting wet, and bar when the pool is massive I really would prefer the pool to myself thanks.

#5. Headrest: a suitable headrest area should be positioned just out of the water, this is paramount to reading pleasure.

#6. Service: All good pools should come with pool service, a swim up bar is definitely also okay as long as there are floatation devices with which to maneuver yourself towards the bar should the swimming become a little tiresome.