In 2010 Jem and I ventured to the Philippines and as part of this trip we stayed on Boracay island, which in 2012 went on to be awarded as the best island in the world from the international travel magazine Travel + Leisure. While we don’t neccesarily agree with the title we can see why people have made a fuss.

Boracay which is an island made up of the whitest beaches you’ll ever see (second only to Whitehaven Beach in Australia), the sneakiest boatsmen and craziest bar, Cocomangas in the world.

The white sand needs no explanation really, it’s very beautiful and very clean! I am actually still a little perplexed at how exactly the beaches are kept quite so clean – what with all the people I witnessed throwing their rubbish on the ground and out of boats and well anywhere that wasn’t a bin.

We stayed at Spider House on Diniwid Beach and if you’re after something a little different, away from the hustle and bustle of the main Boracay crowds and don’t mind sleeping with the sounds of waves crashing below you then I would highly recommend you stay there too.

Spider House, once a private house, now an excellent hotel like house with less family feuds – is built right into the cliff, extending up from the ocean below, the rooms are arranged in a haphazard manor, nestled into jagged crannies that fit a bed and a little floor space. We found ourselves in the sunset suite (which happens to be the best in the joint) and quite happily enjoyed uninterrupted views right down the coastline.


The accommodation isn’t resort like at all, it’s an experience. I don’t think I’ve been able to dive off a cliff into the ocean outside of the main lounging area before. Or been served Mango Daiquiris by the truckload by a staff member who has climbed down the cliff side ladder to hand me my drink (so I don’t need to leave the water). Be warned though the comforts in a plush mattress or aircon to equalise the heat, that you’ll find in a hotel aren’t here, instead you are encompassed by nature all around and a group of staff that make you feel like family from the minute you walk through the maze of corridors that is the entrance.

Offering meals at all times of the day and night the food is made fresh and it’s delicious. The Adobo Prawns an absolute stand out.

if you’re after a wild night life then head over to Cocomanga’s and take part in the ‘still standing after 15…’ challenge. Where the idea is to drink a variety of shooters totalling 15 and score a point for your country on the running tally. If that doesn’t sound all that fun (which it really didn’t for us) they have great big jam jars with much tastier mixes.

Boracay is an island that has something for everyone, it has a complete range of accommodation on offer and there is plenty to do and see – and if you find yourself there do pop into Spider House and say hi to Danny the manager from us.