If you’re a local, you’ve spent much time there, an Aussie – you’ve probably been there and if you live on another continent entirely, chances are you’ve been there if you’ve been to Sydney or you’ve heard of it and it may just be one of the few things you know about Australia!

Bondi Beach – the iconic Australian landmark. Since the early 50’s it’s been THE summer hangout for locals and tourists alike. The beach is long and deep with enough room for an entire cities worth of fun loving summer seekers, there’s room to surf, swim or frolic in the waves and it’s easy to get to – no matter what your preferred mode of transport.

All in all, Bondi ended up becoming more than just a beach – it is a destination.

But then the inevitable happened, TOO many people wanted in, and with that TOO many businesses, souvenir stores, eateries, ice-cream parlours and all manner of boutiques, juicebars and the list goes on… As with any good tourist attraction it becomes over-run and eventually the locals opt out – which is true of Bondi as well. For a time. Then, a slow, steady movement started – one that brought locals back to the beach and began to restore Bondi to it’s former glory.

Bondi Icebergs revamped it’s decor and offering and is a lovely place to have a meal or take in Bondi’s perfect view. The surf club is currently under renovation, new boutique hotels are popping up. The fast food outlets are steadily being replaced with locally owned eateries and some of the spirit and life blood has started to flow back in.

This is good news – that some landmarks have cycles. Of course, you can’t park anywhere (and if you do it costs a million dollars), everything is a little more expensive and you MAY just have to save an over-eager tourist from drowning, but all are little prices to pay for having access to such a vibrant and beautiful piece of coastline.