This is a post not so much about an airline as it is their customer service.
When flying out of Miami to Dallas last week, Tinks and I had, well, not the best experience with American Airlines. Most of it was not their fault directly but still we had a terrible time and almost missed our flight home to Sydney.

The one thing that was AA’s fault – we paid extra for seats we didn’t get to sit in. We wanted to approach them for a refund and yesterday I tweeted to them:

What ensued was not just a prompt handling of my issue but something quite amazing for such a huge corporation.
After resolving my issue (within mere minutes), I was so impressed and feeling a little grateful and playful so I tweeted them:

Their response was quick, witty and playful – all the things I would never expect from an airline:

After that, we entered into a two hour all out war of puns related to all things BBQ.

We had a bunch of people watch and comment on the conversation, and when it came to it’s natural end, we signed off, both parties happier for the experience. Having worked in digital media for so many years, and seeing clients big and small trying to work out social media, customer service and interacting one on one digitally with their customers, it’s entirely obvious after this interchange that American Airlines have at least one staff member with his/her finger on the button.

Well done AA, well done.



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