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So here we are, well, that’s us floating carelessly in the Great Barrier Reef, as if there aren’t things to be careful of in that water – no care for sharks or rays in that sea, just care for the moment and bliss of it all. We’re Jeremy & Katinka Somers and we love summer. Adventure to! and when the two collide we find ourselves in amazing places doing incredible things. Made with summer is a celebration of the journeys, experiences and absolute joy we find out there. We’re inviting you to come along with us, because really, the world is waiting…

About Jem & Tinka

We’re a pair of adventure seeking, sun chasing travel bugs. At the start of 2013 on a trip to Tanzania (where we got married!) we came up with the idea to share our stories with the world and voila, Made With Summer became something.

We live in a small coastal town of Sydney, Australia with our Bear – an English Staffy and our Moose – a rescue pup who we mostly think is an English Staffy cross Australian Sheep Dog. But somedays we’re sure she’s must be part wolf. In addition to lots of travel for work and love we have a love for fitness, teaching our Bear and Moose rad tricks, cooking in large quantities and working very hard on our red wine taste buds. All images on the site unless indicated otherwise are shot by us, the one above is by the lovely Airlie Walsh and the image below Natalia Horinkova.

Jeremy was born and bred in Australia is amongst other things a designer, photographer and is one half of the driving creative force behind the swimwear label We Are Handsome.

Katinka was born and raised in Africa, finished university, bought a ticket, packed too many suitcases and moved to Australia. With a background in digital and a passion for mixed media, she co-writes a tongue in cheek blog Fit Fillies and makes up the other half of the  We Are Handsome duo.

We are a team in travel, business, love and life.

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote: To travel is to live.” Hans Christian Andersen – The Fairy Tale of My Life



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