The view from the pool is everything you think it’s going to be and more. On a clear day you can see almost to Malaysia through the skyscrapers vying for your attention. At night it’s quite surreal lapping away to a blinking cityscape going about closing off the days dealings.

What you don’t think about when you see the spectacular shots, is the vibe and people that’ll make up the experience. My sister and I met a wonderful women who’s keen knowledge and interest has her jetting the world in search of great design. Then there were the couples on a romantic getaway – eyes only for each other not for the spectacle below them.

The vibe isn’t anything like any other pool experience. It’s busy but not overwhelming or rushed. Everyone seems to be tapped into an excitement at taking in the novelty. In that way, for the day or two we spent in the pool we all felt connected in a single understanding of how unique this experience is.