When we fly I always carry the following items on-board with me beacuse the most simple creature comforts really go a long way to making the journey pleasant. We usually fly with Qantas out of Australia and so they do provide a couple of these items already but I like to be prepared for the other airlines we fly with. I tend to keep these items in the top of my suitcase between trips so it’s not another thing to think about packing before we go.

#1 Earplugs – these are essential! Pop them in and feel your body check into sleep mode.
#2 Bandana – I generally keep the bandana around my neck to keep it warm and when it comes to nap time I use this to cover my eyes. It’s a whole lot better at keeping the light out than most eye masks.
#3 Earphones with an airline jack (a two prong attachment). And often a splitter so Jem and I can listen to the same music or watch a show together.
#4 Neck pillow – but here’s a trick for making sure you don’t leave it in your last airport, attach a carabiner to the loop end which will allow you to attach it to your person or luggage when you’re done with it (I’ve left so many of these around the world and but not the one above it’s made it through 5 trips now!)
#5 A jumper or a shawl to keep warm. The shawl/scarf comes in handy if you’re going to a country where you need to cover certain parts of the body.
#6 Moisturiser – under 100ml of course, your skin will thank you!
#7 Compression socks – To aid the prevention of DVT’s, I’ve started using these for flights over 6 hours, especially overnight flights where I will sleep for the duration. To further prevent air kankles and DVT’s I also avoid salty foods the day before a flight.
#8 Sleeping tablets: If we’re on a long haul flight I do not even consider leaving the house without these There’s a lot to be said for catching a few restorative z’s in mid air. I absolutely find it allows you to reset your body clock and hit the ground running. Add to this some exercise on day 1 or a big night at the bar and you are set in the new timezone.
#9 Empty water bottle to fill on the plane. Hydration on the flight is one of the most important things to ensuring your body deals with the changes and gives you the best odds of feeling great when landing.
#10 Pen – you’ll need this to complete your exit cards, entry cards and you can use it to complete the crossword in the inflight mag!

If we happen to be on a budget airline I’ll also ensure to pack a couple of snacks.

Lastly but not essential especially on night flights, I’ll always take a good book and my phone charged and ready with playlists to pass the time.